Kinetico Tidbits

Our most popular solutions combine “ALL” four separate steps; Softening, Filtration, Sediment Removal with Bypass, and Purification to provide a Kinetico complete non-electric whole house water quality improvement solution.

1.     Softening – This is what protects your plumbing, appliances, faucets, fixtures, glasses, dishes and laundry. A water softener by itself is not a filter.

2.     Filtration – Whole house filtration removes chlorine, foul odors, and tastes from all the water to the home. It provides chlorine-free water for showering and laundry and allows you to drink from the tap, with water quality similar to having a refrigerator filter on the whole house. A filter by itself does not soften water.

3.     Sediment Filtration with Bypass – Mechanical flow control & Mach isolation valve combined with mechanical whole house filtration, to prevent sediment & particulates from entering the softener and the water to the home. It includes an easy to operate bypass valve.

4.    Purification – to provide chlorine-free drinking water, as well as water that’s free from a number of other contaminants that could be in your water. While we offer a plethora of systems and technologies; the Kinetico K5 drinking water station is certified to remove more contaminants than any other system. The system includes patented features to protect your water as well as the system itself. It delivers nearly twice the flow rate of any other water system. The K5 produces more pure water than any other residential system. It removes more contaminants than, you guessed it, any other system. And it does so stylishly with your choice of designer faucets. Most of the technological advances in water treatment (99%) take place on the drinking water side, not on the working water. It is dynamic and changes every year (Kinetico’s K5 Drinking Water Station is 10 years ahead of the world). It incorporates FlexFiltration which provides customizable filter selection to meet the removal needs of any water supply. Our top of the line system removes bacteria and viruses, which most do not.

Most critical water users eventually crunch the real numbers O&M costs, downtime, added repairs etc. and RUN to Kinetico as fast as they can.

   Leaving off part of this is like leaving part of your wardrobe at home. Most people find it appropriate to wear shoes, pants or a skirt and a shirt…just as we normally don’t leave one part of our wardrobe at home nor should we leave off a part of the Kinetico complete whole house water quality improvement solution.  That would leave us naked & unprotected now wouldn’t it?

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