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Trying to figure out why you have build-up on faucets and shower doors or spots on your glasses and dishes? Why your hair and skin are dry? Why your water smells or tastes funny? Why guess what you need? Let the experts help. Kinetico Quality Water located in Chandler, AZ, offers a free water analysis to residents of metro Phoenix (from Scottsdale to Queen Creek, Chandler to Goodyear). We take immense pride in being a trusted resource for all our customers because we know how important it is to have clean, pure water in desert conditions. We’ve been in business for decades because we rely on detail-oriented work at affordable rates.

The Importance of Water Filteration

Left unchecked, mineral and sediment accumulation can:

  • Impair the function of water heaters, resulting in higher energy expenses and shorter life
  • Damage your refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and water heater
  • Cause dry skin and hair, potentially exacerbating acne and psoriasis
  • Clog pipes, faucets and tubing, leading to expensive replacements
  • Create excess soap scum, water spots, and staining

If you suspect you’re having trouble with water hardness, contact Kinetico Quality Water today.

Experience The Change In Your Water

At Kinetico Quality Water, when we say free water analysis, we mean 100% free, no ifs, ands or buts. We want you to be fully informed about the state of your water supply and our free analysis gives any potential customer the ability to get details to make a decision. Sometimes, you’ll start to experience changes in your water supply but not recognize the issue as symptom of a bigger problem. Our water filtration experts provide the data, so you can make an informed decision for your home.

Reviews of our water softener services

Look below to see our customer reviews. Our work speaks for itself and we look forward to ensuring your water supply is fresh, clean and healthy:

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What our customers have to say about us?

| Don

Truly great Whole House and Drinking Water systems, we simply love our Kinetico treated water!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Bruce

I've dealt with Kinetico for over 14 years and have always been satisfied with the quality of their products and service. I own their whole home water softening system and their under sink drinking water system. The quality and taste of our water so vastly exceeds any others that I'm afraid we've truly become "water snobs" and won't settle for less! If you don't currently own their system, I'd recommend getting one-you won't regret it.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Bob

Professional, knowledgeable staff. A real education in water analysis and how water purification and softening improve your daily living. Installer (Jose Stein) was outstanding. Highly recommend Chandler Kinetico for all your home water systems.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| mitchell

Russ Durfee was excellent ! He explained to me how to change and wash out my filter on my new kinetico Q850 non electric MBP that efficiently removes chlorine and hardness. Gilbert water is very hard. My water test was zero for chlorine and for hardness.Mike Mattox the branch manager is easy to talk to whom I purchased my system from.I had a Kinetico since 1988 and have been completely satisfied customer for over 31 years! Great Product!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Tammi

Upgraded Kinetico system, I am happy with the quality of the water, the accommodating service and the system itself.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| jj

Great service. Junior always does a great job.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| W

Excellent Service

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Julie

Junior came out to service our Kinetico system. As he worked he explained what he was doing and made it all seem clear and simple. Because it was such a quick fix he didn’t even charge me for the service call. We’ve had our system for many years and it still works very well. I would happily recommend Kinetico for their great service!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Audree

We are very satisfied with our new Kinetico installation by Joey. We have had an old Kinetico system that needed to be replaced and he did a great efficient job doing just that! Joey also took the time to explain how the new system works which we appreciated. He is very personable!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Liz

Dave from Kinetico was great. I had a water softener system in my previous house, so I was aware of how hard the water is here. I checked a couple different systems but I feel this one is the best. The system does not use any electricity to function and does not have to be programed. So you don't have to worry if the electricity goes out, if it does something to your system. The salt container is smaller which I like because the bags of salt are heavy and this is easier to fill. The installer, Favio, was awesome. He installed everything and then went over the whole thing with me, so I would understand how it works. Also, another great thing about the Kinetico system is it has a shut off value attached to the softener in the garage for a whole home shut off. So if you have a leak from anywhere in your home, you have one easy place to shut off all the water. I would recommend them to anyone.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Phyllis

We are so happy to have this water system in our home. Kinetico did a great job with the installation.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Dale

We love our Kinetico system. Junior arrived on time and was extremely personable, professional and helpful in correcting our issue.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Jamie

We were looking at different water softener system for a while. We lived in Arizona for 6 years and didn't get water softener until I got pregnant. We also looked at getting the drinking water system as well. We looked at eco water, and getting the system ourselves and have the plumber install it... we looked at options from just spending $1000 to $6000. We ended up deciding on Kinetico based on other reviews and their customer service. We worked with Brian. He was very professional and courteous. The installation didn't take too long. We got the softener and the drinking system. I'm so glad we got them. It's been so convenient to have drinking system set up and peace of mind that the water is good quality. It also makes our ice and water tastes really good. With a baby coming our way, I know it was a great choice to go with Kinetico even though it was one of the priciest option out of them all.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Brad

These folks came out and told us about their product. We liked what we heard and had them do an install a couple of days later. Professional all the way and we are happy with what we purchased.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Rachele

After a water leak problem with our reverse osmosis system and a delay in a call back from a Kinetico technician, I was initially very upset. However, the Regional Manager Mike Mattox called us to apologize and he took care of our problem immediately. By Mr. Mattox taking ownership of the situation, it has restored my trust in Kinetico's customer service. Thank you.

Clients rating: 4 of 5

| Terry

Not excited about the price but system seems to work well. Installation went smooth. Tech was very personable. Can't tell the difference between the water now versus my old system (Kenmore), but it appears it will use much less salt and water when regenerating. If it works trouble free for the next ten years I will be happy.

Clients rating: 4 of 5

| Janine

We've had our "whole home units" (de-chlorinator, soft water, & reverse osmosis) for 15 years and we just love it. Vacationing away from home is sometimes a disappointment because of the hard water at the hotel!! This system has been in two houses and has done great being relocated.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Joel

Junior changed the carbon filter in our Kinetico system in about 40 minutes (as he predicted). He explained what he was doing and why it needed to be changed every three to four years. I am very happy with his work and would recommend him and Kinetico to anyone needing a water filtration system.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Pavitraa

Junior came to our house to explain the water filtration system and check our water softener system. He was very knowledgeable and was great at explaining the systems and how they worked and changing out our filters. Highly recommend this company.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Sean

I met Dave Wright at the Home and Garden Show in Phoenix Arizona . I set an appointment with him and he came out to my house and tested my water. I purchased a whole home system and also got the RO system G5 . I have had the system for about two years now and it is exactly what I was looking works great .The drinking water is great I am just to the point of having to change the filters. And that is great because we are a family if 5 with animals that we also give the water to. I am glade we made the purchase. We have had several units in other homes and this is by far the best system we have ever owned!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Shirley

Water softening system was recently installed and is working efficiently based on recent inspection by Russ Durfee, plumbing and water specialist. We were impressed by Mr. Durfee and look forward to many years of good service from our new system. This is the second Kinetico system we have owned.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Im

The sales staff was patient and explained wonderfully about the condition of the water in our home and showed us the benefit of installing one of their systems. We chose a whole home system and are extremely glad we did. The gentleman who installed the system was courteous, knowledgeable, and fast with the installation. I would definitely recommend Kinetico Water .

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Cheryl

The salesman and installer were both great. They were very prompt and not put off by the myriad of questions we had. The water is nice and soft and it tastes great!

Clients rating: 5 of 5

| Tracee

Grateful to Kinetico for 13+ years - exceptional service and superior business integrity. We appreciate the partnership they create with their clients.

Clients rating: 5 of 5

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